Thursday, 29 November 2012

Apply Interesting Website Design Ideas To Enhance Appeal

A website plays an important role in educating prospective consumers regarding products and services and at the same time, it compels a potential buyer to get converted into a buyer. There are few ways through which a website can be made more appealing. Let see what they are:

Using a single page design not only impresses visitors by giving them required info on a single page but it also impresses them since they end up in saving lot of time as they don’t have to waste time in looking for needed details, which are available on different pages. There exist various different kinds of single page designs and selecting one of them will not only make your website look great, it will also be a heaven for the visitors as they will be saved of the time spent in page loads.

Another smart way to enhance an appeal of your website and attract viewers is by using light, shade and texture in such a clever manner so that black squares appears finely distinguished from each other. This almost takes the visitors into another world and they are literally lost in your website. By making the most of HTML5, JQuery and CSS3 for transitions, transforms and animations instead of Flash, one can really enhance an appeal of a website. Colorful balls look fabulous in HTML5 demo since after clicking on a ball and then background, the balls fill the entire screen.

Interesting patterns of kaleidoscope are really mesmerizing since they form and re-form different shapes. Animated HTML5 particles are literally capable of wooing visitors since all particles dance over entire webpage. With the help of JavaScript Fireworks, a website owner can control the speed, blast radius and gravity and customize message also. Multiple 3D cubes and Matrix Animation are another great way to draw attention of website visitors.

Lot of viewers appreciates simplicity of a website and that can be offered through an effortless navigation. The simpler the navigation, the better it is. Such simple navigation style uses a horizontal slider in order to offer a quick and efficient navigation to the users. It becomes possible for an information seeker to obtain an overview of diverse business areas and highlight innovative works. This not only helps the visitor find information easily, it also helps him get hold of the information in one place.

Another interesting navigation style is – Typographical, where a viewer can drift over the headline within the website name and can select that section of website in which, he wants to enter. Apart from that, there are many ways to draw an attention of viewers like by creating unusual icons, using attractive imagination, drawing on circular elements, integrating fine-looking textures, etc. It is quite sure that using these design ideas, one can have the most fabulous looking and in fact performing websites on the internet. Such website will not only draw visitors, these will also compel them to do mouth publicity and soon your website will be tagged as the most popular as users will love it.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Which Are The Most Expensive Keywords?

Do you know Which Are the Most Expensive Keywords? Have a glance at the post written by Markus Allen. In his post, Allen has shared a detailed monthly report in which he has tried his best to provide details regarding Google’s most pricy keywords, which you can buy on Google AdWords. These keywords belong to the diverse categories, which include keywords like mesothelioma, annuity, auto donation and asbestos. This list is in accordance with the Keyword tool of Google AdWords.

For an instance, the settlement related to mesothelioma took place for whopping $142.67 and auto donation settlement took place for $84.5. Interestingly, this chart also sheds light regarding how much the cost/click decreased or increased from the former month. Where at one side, mesothelioma settlement did witness an increment of 3%, while on another side; asbestos attorney price did witness a plunge by 1% in cost. By going through this detailed report, you can really get to know much about the priciest keywords related to the Google AdWords.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Google Closes the City Pages

A recent change that the most popular search engine Google has incorporated is shutting down of its city pages. It is a known fact that Google Places is changing to Google + Local and this step is in the same direction. These city pages were a great help to business as well as the visitor as they showed the “recommended places”. It was easier for the users to share their experience and visit the places. The spokesperson from Google has in a report specified that earlier there were separate pages for separate locations but now they are streamlined into one page. The changes made by Google would certainly have an impact on the reach to local business and visitors.

This way Google is trying to streamline the pages in its new feature where all the locations would be on one page. There are various opinions about the changes made by Google. Many changes have been made by Google in recent days and new features have taken the place of older ones. Another aspect of this change is that Google Offers no longer feature on any of the pages earlier they were found on the local pages and were liked by visitors. Google has not specified as yet where one can find these Google offers.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yahoo witnesses consistent fall in number of users

With the increase in on the use and dependence on the internet many sites are in competition to one another. If we talk about last ten years, there is a tremendous change and updating on these sites as the demand of internet users is ever increasing. The concept of mailing, chat, and internet surfing took wings with the very famous browser that is Yahoo. The internet cafes were full of people who would just visit this search engine to check their Yahoo accounts. As time passed the number of visitors for Yahoo decreased at a very fast rate. People hardly chat on Yahoo messenger any more as well.

It’s not that this downfall is new but this is a continuous process with little improvements en route. This downfall increased when the Gmail came into picture. Timely measures were taken and changes were made on Yahoo so that at least the present users do not switch to others but in vain. It’s not that Yahoo doesn’t have a market hold rather this was the first web which made people more familiar with internet and chats. Thus experts across the globe feel that there is an urgent need to bring the necessary changes on this web as people do appreciate Yahoo. So it has a good market image but market hold is lacking. In the meantime, Google is rapidly increasing its user base and has left Yahoo and Bing far behind. Still, Yahoo and Bing have considerable presence and in internet marketing as well as search engine optimization, one cannot ignore these two.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Google releases EMD Update

Google rolled out a new filter called ‘EMD update’ previous week. Google released such update, in order to ensure that websites featuring poor-quality content doesn’t find its place in the search results of the Google. There are numerous websites who feature search terms on their domain names.

This newly introduced EMD filter bears a striking resemblance to the Panda update, in terms of functionality & like Panda, this feature will also be renewed on a periodical basis. There are few websites which lack content and then there are few websites that display the plagiarized content thus, EMD will be trapping these poor-quality sites which are ‘in between’ above mentioned two things. Also website tries to get an edge in search results following a search keyword similar domain name.

However, there are people who have purchased relevant domains in order to enhance the ranking of a site & they have also ensured quality content for their sites. So EMD doesn’t go after them since it only targets sites featuring low-quality content. Though Panda was meant for catching hold of the websites displaying low-quality but perhaps it was not producing a desired result that is why Google thought to come up with altogether a different EMD filter.

Google runs various filters at different times like Panda, Penguin, EMD, Top Heavy, Pirate, etc. It is like, once a filter is introduced, it is being revised frequently so that it can grab hold of those sites which didn’t get caught by filters earlier.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Pinterest beats Yahoo in driving traffic, Google remains at numero uno position

Pinterest is the new traffic source on the internet that is capturing the attention of web masters across the globe. It is a form of social photo, videos and other objects sharing website that allows users to manage their collection. It is in the form of a pin board. This was launched in 2009. Since its launch, it has attracted number of users. It has different categories where one can pin his/her images that one likes not only this but you can easily follow your friends as it as inbuilt social media and social networking features.

Pinterest has no doubt become a strong medium through which renowned companies are advertising themselves to attract more and more traffic. Recent survey also confirmed the same; Pinterest has taken the lead on Yahoo and has become the fourth traffic source. Although Google is leading the chart. Pinterest is the newer and trendy option where one can store pictures. Companies have taken the advantage of the same to advertise and stylize their products. Women’s apparels, food and drinks are the most commonly advertised things on Pinterest and the site is very popular among women. The picturesque description gives an edge over the written style and surely attracts more attention. Pinterest would become popular in future and would capture more users.

It is BayTech Web Design that can help unleash the true potential of Pinterest in attracting traffic for your website. The San Jose based company not only has the best designers but it is also equipped with teams who are passionate about the new developments in internet marketing. With the help of the up-to-date knowledge about the various changes in this domain, BayTech Web Design ensures that your websites gets relevant traffic and that too in huge number.

Tech Blogs not too techie as they skip authorship

The findings of a recent survey are not only intriguing but surprising as well. According to the study results, out of 100 tech blogs only 9 percent do implement the ‘rel=author’ authorship. To be more precise, only 9 percent of tech blogs have implemented the feature of rel=author in a proper manner by adding the tag towards their websites and also by pointing to Google + account of author. Out of 100 technology blogs that were surveyed, only 3 percent have implemented the feature of rel=author in an incomplete manner that means they didn't attach link to the Google + account of author and 88 percent of tech blog chose to stay away from this feature that means they have not implemented this feature at all. This is really surprising especially at a time when everybody has realized that a human face right below the search result has more chances of being clicked and read than the normal search result.

This is really stunning revelation because these tech blogs are supposed to know about rel=author feature and another thing is that this feature facilitates increase in click via rate from search results of Google to their respective websites. Naturally, a higher click via rate facilitates further ad impressions, which in turn leads to the increase in the revenues of these tech blogs. Generally it has been witnessed that implementation of authorship leads to click increment via rate through 30 percent to almost 150 percent or higher.