Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yahoo witnesses consistent fall in number of users

With the increase in on the use and dependence on the internet many sites are in competition to one another. If we talk about last ten years, there is a tremendous change and updating on these sites as the demand of internet users is ever increasing. The concept of mailing, chat, and internet surfing took wings with the very famous browser that is Yahoo. The internet cafes were full of people who would just visit this search engine to check their Yahoo accounts. As time passed the number of visitors for Yahoo decreased at a very fast rate. People hardly chat on Yahoo messenger any more as well.

It’s not that this downfall is new but this is a continuous process with little improvements en route. This downfall increased when the Gmail came into picture. Timely measures were taken and changes were made on Yahoo so that at least the present users do not switch to others but in vain. It’s not that Yahoo doesn’t have a market hold rather this was the first web which made people more familiar with internet and chats. Thus experts across the globe feel that there is an urgent need to bring the necessary changes on this web as people do appreciate Yahoo. So it has a good market image but market hold is lacking. In the meantime, Google is rapidly increasing its user base and has left Yahoo and Bing far behind. Still, Yahoo and Bing have considerable presence and in internet marketing as well as search engine optimization, one cannot ignore these two.

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